hatec strainer units

hatec Strainer units consist of a gear pump and a set of driven feed rollers for independent material feeding.

They are characterized by the following features:

  • can be fed with both warm and cold mixtures
  •   manage with 30% less energy consumption than comparable extruders
  •   increase process capability through lower product temperatures and shorter dwell times
  •   are available in different sizes for a throughput of 300 l / h to 3000 l / h and can be easily integrated into existing systems due to the small footprint in many cases.

In conjunction with a hydraulic drive we also have some new Benefits

The hydraulic strainer also creates new parameter functions during production. These allow software control new features that were previously impossible. Process windows can adapt themselves during production, predict screen changes or even identify mix-ups of the raw material.

hatec hydraulic drive strainer 800 kg/h

We added the strainer with a brand new protective function (emergency shutdown) that protects the strainer in milliseconds from damage caused by hard foreign bodies in the product.